Sunday, June 19, 2011

Yums: A Blog

This is about family. Family and good food. I (Judith) was organizing the recipes that my mom has. A lot of them are recipes are old Gill standbys that all her siblings also have. But as the cousins move away from there parents home they won't have access to the recipes anymore. This blog is so when we all have our own kids and reminisce about that one dish that mom or grandma always made, we can find the recipe. We can continue the traditions and memories of good family meals through the generations.

Everyone can help compile this by typing up those recipes that have become traditions in their own households (from the previous book or other new additions) and the Westwood family will attempt to keep the blogs organization going. Please add tags to your posts including your last name so your families favorites will be easily searchable!

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  1. In addition to that I would appreciate if you would leave stories in the form of comments
    about a memory or tradition you have in relation to the food. This way the blog will act as another way to gather the stories and history of the Gill family :)